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Marriage Mentors

Marriage Mentoring is a valuable tool that helps couples navigate the challenges that often arise in marriage. It provides a safe and supportive environment for couples to discuss those challenges and find solutions together.

By connecting with a marriage mentor who is committed to walking alongside you, participants can feel less isolated. This leads to stronger and more fulfilling relationships, not only for the couples being mentored, but also for those who are mentoring them.

Our mentors are trained and experienced in providing guidance, support, and advice to help couples build and strengthen their marriages. Through mentorship, they create a safe and non-judgmental space for open and honest conversations about important topics, such as communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and more. Through their support and guidance, they aim to help couples grow and thrive in their marriages.

To connect with a marriage mentoring couple at the Village Church (both at HD and NGA), please contact the church office for more information.



We live in Flagstaff and have 3 teenage children aged between 13 and 17. We’ve been married since 2004 having met in youth groups in Hamilton and having both grown up locally. Family is important and we’re blessed with having strong marriage examples from our respective parents. Socially we enjoy movies, eating out, and watching our kids play sports. Grady leads men’s ministry at TVC, and Lisa, for the past five years led playgroup at Chapel Hill in Rototuna.



We’ve been married for coming up 19 years. We have 3 kids; 2 teen girls and a tween boy - a busy but fun stage. We live in the Pukete area. 

We love connecting with friends and family and enjoy a quality coffee. We own a kitchen building business and also have a passion for getting involved in our community that we are part of, so are pretty involved in school sports teams in various capacities.



We live in the north-west side of Hamilton. Having been married for 38 years, we’ve passed the hectic stage and still feel incredibly young, despite appearances! We live active lives…while we still can! In addition to the important role humour has played in our lives, we are strong advocates for communication - both professionally and personally.  Our lives are enriched by our three adult children and their spouses/fiancé  and four lively granddaughters with a fifth on the way.



We live in Glen Massey and attend the Ngāruawāhia site. We have four boys but our oldest two have already flown the coop, leaving us with just two teenage boys at home.  


We’ve been married for nearly 25 years now and we’ve still got lots to learn, but happy to help how we can.



We have been living in Pukete since January this year after having lived on campus at Eastwest College, Gordonton for 12 years. We are blessed with two sons and two granddaughters. 

Our married life began in 1981 in Mt Maunganui where we lived in for 24 years. God called us to train and then go to Cambodia for two years. Most people move to the beach to retire but we are thankful to be close to family and to have opportunity to enjoy the river walks.



We have been married for 24 years, have 3 sons, and recently became “empty nesters’” with them all having left home. 


Originally from South Africa, we now proudly hold a Kiwi passport. We love being outdoors and often spend time cycling or running in the Redwoods.



Married in 2004, we have 5 sons (1 being a permanent foster son), we are blunt speakers of truth, have been supporting couples in marriage for years and are passionate about seeing marriages thrive. 

We operate businesses from home and understand the pressure of work/balance -  its really hard! We enjoy good food, good drink and the relationships built around them. We’d love to chat.

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