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helping children set their hope on God

Our desire at Village Kids is that your children would know God from a young age, trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and follow Him obediently for the rest of their lives. As a ministry, Village Kids aims to support your family discipleship through intentional, age-appropriate teaching on Sunday mornings.


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Horsham Downs service only
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Horsham Downs & Ngāruawāhia
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Horsham Downs & Ngāruawāhia
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Horsham Downs service only

at HD check in 15 minutes before sunday service

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where do I drop my child off?

Horsham Downs: You will need to check in your child before heading into the service to worship together as a family. After worship, the children are released to our facilities across the parking lot, where we have various age-specific programs.

Ngāruawāhia: Head straight into the service with your child to worship together as a family. After worship, the children are released to the next-door facility, where they have their program.

How do I check my child in?

Horsham Downs: Head over to our deck 15 minutes before the service starts. You will be greeted by one of our volunteers, who will need some information, including family member’s name, child’s name, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, etc.)

Ngāruawāhia: Check-in is not required.

Do I need to check my child out?

Horsham Downs: There is no official check-out system, but we do ask that you head to our deck after the service and meet up with your child.

Ngāruawāhia: Check-out is not required, but our volunteer leaders will bring the children back into our main facilities when the service is finished.

Who will take care of my child?

We have an amazing team of volunteer leaders who have a passion to serve God and your child. They are all police vetted and go through team training to ensure they are equipped to best serve your child.

What will my child do while I’m in the main gathering?

We have incredible age-specific programs with a variety of activities that include: games, crafts, songs, skits, prayer, stories, and bible teaching.

How will I be notified if my child needs me?

One of our volunteer leaders will contact you via phone or find you in the service.

Is there anything for my child who is under 18 months old?

There is no age-specific program, but we do have a creche at the back of our facilities (both HD & NGA), where parents can still engage with the service, while their children have a space to play.


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